Bare Tools

Bare tools are cordless tools that come without a battery. They make efficient purchases when you already have everything you need to power them. Batteries for cordless power tools are universal within a specific manufacturer’s brands at the same voltage, so you can usually power multiple tools from a single battery. Cordless combo kits come with a charger and one or more batteries. It’s most efficient to buy a combo kit that comes with the tool you need to use most often, and then fill in your collection with bare tools as your projects call for them. They come in many different types, so you can use them for virtually any task. These tools offer the maximum benefit when you build your collection from a single brand, so you do well when you research everything each manufacturer offers before you begin stocking your shop.

Cordless drills let you create holes for various projects. For added functionality, you can pick up a drill/driver, which is designed for both holes and installing fasteners. If you need the maximum power, a hammer drill lets you demolish concrete while an impact driver is ideal for driving screws into a hard material.

Cordless circular saws let you rip longboards or cut lumber for framing. They pack the performance of a table saw into a portable tool. You can get them in various size models for cutting thicker boards or other materials. Grab the smallest model that can still cut the boards you plan to use so you can enjoy lightweight, comfortable work.

Bare tools save you from having to purchase kits with redundant pieces. Their cordless performance makes them more convenient to carry and use than corded tools. Check out our outstanding selection of bare tools to find the ones you need to add to your collection.