Cordless Grinders

Cordless grinders bring high-powered performance almost anywhere you need it, and they offer strong motors and cutting ability in compact bodies. Models with soft and ergonomic grips run all day with minimal strain on your hands despite their massive rpm output. Cordless angle grinders turn medium-size wheels to quickly grind down or cut into many construction materials. Their optional polishing wheels see a lot of use on car bodies. Cordless angle grinders utilize a heavy-duty sidebar to give you finer control over their movement and to add your weight as leverage for extra power. Their cutting wheels easily cut away bolts or rebar that stick out to add a professional-looking finish.

Cordless die grinders resemble larger versions of cordless multitools. You can attach many different bits to these grinders that do the same things that multitools do but with far greater power. A die grinder spins straight and can attach some drill bits for greater versatility than regular grinders, and they can fit in long, narrow spaces, such as in pipes, and use special brushes to clean or grind away build-up and residue.

The most economical cordless grinders for sale come with batteries and a charger. You can usually use the batteries from cordless combo kits to run tools in the same line as your grinder to add extra value and convenience to your investment. If you work on serious DIY or professional projects, be sure to purchase a grinder with a strong protective casing for added durability to extend the life of your tool.

Cordless grinders go anywhere and give you high-power in a small package. They can perform a great deal of work on almost any task for outstanding utility. Try cordless grinders for yourself today, and experience strength, speed, and diverse functionality on every project.