Cordless Drywall & Deck Drivers

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Cordless impact drivers deliver power to accomplish heavy-duty jobs. These tools create more torque than regular cordless drills and sink fasteners into material like concrete, metal, and more. We have many impact drivers for sale, with features that vary from professional-duty to DIY homeowner.

These cordless tools use the force of several impacts per second to turn their bits. This translates into a greater driving force that means you need a driver with features to extend the tool life against heavy wear. Brushless motors contain fewer moving parts and last longer so if you are a professional, look for brushless cordless impact drivers. Always check to see what features, like overmolding and metal housing, the drill has to keep it in working condition after drops or impacts.

Since most projects involve repetitive drives, invest in comfort features. The best impact drivers have soft grips, vibration reduction, and quieter motors, which make a big difference after a full day of work. Lighter tool weight means less work overall, so grab the lightest driver that still meets your performance needs. Keyless chucks let you change out the bits without the need to fumble with a chuck key, so you spend more time on the job.

For the best value, consider a cordless impact driver kit with included batteries and chargers. The batteries and chargers generally offer power solutions for your other power tools in the same manufacturer’s brand line. Cordless combo kits with more tools give you the ability to accomplish more work with a single set of tools

Cordless impact drivers save you an incredible amount of time and effort. Their heavy-duty work rating means you can use them on virtually any project. Try out cordless impact drivers for yourself today, and see their power and the results for yourself