Cordless Nailers

Cordless nailers use a battery and often a fuel cell to drive nails into the work surface with a single shot. These tools offer greater speed than a hammer, and the nails all go in completely straight. Cordless finish nailers hold small, narrow finish nails or brads and drive into trim or other surfaces. If you need your nails to be less visible in your final product, finish nails give you the best performance. Because of the small nail size, cordless brad nailers have smaller nails strips that don’t require long, bulky coils. These cordless tools have numerous safety and convenience features. You can’t miss the target with a nail gun since it doesn’t shoot unless the safety is pressed against the work surface firmly. Some models feature mechanisms that prevent you from firing when no nail is loaded. Soft grips and ergonomic shapes make nailing with these tools one of the easiest tasks on the job site. To get the greatest value, invest in cordless combo kits that include batteries and chargers, as the included power solutions often transfer to your other tools in the same line for increased versatility. Cordless framing nailers shoot large high-strength nails suitable for framing jobs. These nailers require the most power and have the heaviest strips of nails, so look for the most lightweight model that drives the fasteners you need. The best cordless nailers have impact protection via strong housing construction or materials. The reinforced interior parts keep the tool running longer even with frequent use. You can accomplish in minutes what used to take hours when you use cordless nailers. Several models offer different functionality depending on the nails you need to drive. Take your tool collection into the modern age with cordless nailers, and feel the power for yourself.