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Not a second time

So, nearly two weeks have passed since my last post. Not a great start to writing a blog!

One reason for blogging was to encourage me to write something …anything! …about my MBA applications on a regular basis. Not that I haven’t been thinking about them though. In fact, now that several schools have released their Class of 2017 application deadlines, I have mapped out the next few months to make sure I stay ahead of the pack.

April was my relaxing month. Time to forget about MBA applications (and dings!) and get my head together for a new application season. This also coincided with me running my office single-handedly before my new boss arrived. Great leadership fodder for next time!

May is my feedback month. I already mentioned the ‘Dealing with a Ding‘ webinar I participated in, and those nice folks at Admissionado have also sent me other resources to get my brain thinking (not least, some perspective on changing your career goal as a reapplicant).

My main goal, however, is to speak with the two schools where I interviewed to get some critical feedback and assess my chances as a reapplicant. In case this fails – or even if it doesn’t – I’m also thinking about getting a ding analysis from one of many admissions consultants out there.

I’d be grateful for your feedback on any consultants you have already used for this. I have already gotten some advice from a successful applicant who matriculated at Wharton last year. See following post.

June will be my research month. I need to finally decide which schools I am reapplying to, which schools to add (probably in Europe since last time was completely focused on the US) and to learn those programmes inside-out. I’m also going to be in touch with alums and professors I hit up last time in order to establish my network of advisors and reviewers.

July, August and September will then be dedicated to writing applications. I don’t want to be hitting those deadlines unprepared. Most importantly, I want to be 100% confident of my reapplications in Round 1 (thus supporting my argument for reapplying – why would you wait for Round 2 if it was your dream school!?).

Expect some rapid posting from me during the next week or two!


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