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June has been a ridiculously busy month so far, but I have spent a lot of time refreshing my research on various schools.

Basically, I keep coming to the same conclusion: (Re)apply to INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Wharton in R1. Use the momentum (and results!) from R1 to dictate R2 strategy.

A) If I get an offer from Wharton, I’m done!

B) If I get an offer from INSEAD or MIT Sloan, I will try HBS and Stanford again.

C) If I get no offers in R1, I am leaning toward Chicago Booth, Tuck (Dartmouth) and Yale for R2.

The spanner in the works is Columbia where I got dinged w/out interview last season. You simply have to apply in the Early Decision round to stand a chance, but I’m not that excited about living in New York (although I have soft spot for the Ivy League!).

While I’m working on that conundrum, I thought I’d share some of the key data for my target universe of schools. All feedback welcome!

School Class Size % Int’l Avg. Age Avg. WE Avg. GMAT Avg. GPA
Chicago Booth 581 36% 28 5 723 3.57
Columbia1 549 36% 28 5 716 3.5
HBS2 932 34% 27 N/A 730 N/A
IMD3 90 N/A 31 7 670 N/A
INSEAD4 512 N/A 29 6 701 N/A
LBS5 409 89% 28.6 5.5 695 N/A
MIT Sloan 406 41% 28 5 713 N/A
Stanford 406 41% N/A 4 732 N/A
Tuck (Dartmouth)6 277 31% 28 5 718 3.5
Wharton 837 35% N/A 5 725 N/A
Yale 291 32% N/A 3-5 714 3.57

Data as at 19 June 2014. Refers to the Full Time MBA programme and Class of 2016 unless otherwise stated.

1. Refers to Class of 2015 (August intake). R1 Deadline refers to Early Decision Deadline

2. Avg. GMAT refers to Median GMAT

3. Class of 2014

4. Class of 2014. Class Size refers to average of 14D and 14J intake

5. Class of 2015

6. R1 Deadline refers to Early Action Round Deadline



10 thoughts on “Across the universe

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  7. domotron says:

    Good luck. If you are not sure about living in New York I would avoid Columbia. 2 years is a long time if you are not happy!

    As for Tuck (I am an incoming Tuckie) you may want to reconsider and apply earlier if you are really interested. Generally speaking Early Action and November Round have a much higher rate of acceptance vs Jan round. That would mean applying before you hear back from R1 schools of course.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks domotron. I really like the “extra” November Round at Tuck. Somehow takes the edge off the other R1 deadlines to have something to work on while you wait to hear from other schools.

      We’ll see (and I’ll be tapping you up for info along the way – count on that!).


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