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These past few weeks have been dedicated to getting my application workflow in order and having all my research up-to-date. Progress has been OK, but I’m not setting the world alight either!

When I say ‘application workflow’ I mean literally breaking down each stage of the application process (much easier having been through this before) and figuring out what I want to have done and by when to give me confidence I’m fully on track. In truth, I have a habit of wasting time getting my pens neatly lined up (figuratively speaking) before I start tackling the ‘big stuff’, like actually starting to write essays.

I’ll need to keep on top of many different things at the same time to hit my targets and, ultimately, get an offer from a top business school. In order to help with this, I have engaged the services of MBA Over 30 to help me figure out my application strategy and essay approach and Admissionado on an ad-hoc basis (in the first instance, to hit up their consultant for a ‘discovery’ session).

Despite my best efforts, some days it is the best I can do to crawl into bed (late!) having barely had a coherent thought about my MBA applications. During these days I try to catch up on what my fellow applicant bloggers are up to (click the drop-down menu above to see those I am current following) and – at least on a daily basis – read the myriad Twitter offerings from schools that have piqued my interest (Chicago Booth, Columbia, HBS, INSEAD, MIT Sloan, Stanford, Tuck (Dartmouth), Wharton and Yale).

Having other bloggers to keep me on track (by encouragement or shame!) is definitely helpful, but I also need to remember I’m on a different track to many people. Firstly, as a re-applicant with lessons learned from my mistakes last time around. Secondly, as a seasoned i.e. mature candidate with a lot of responsibilities to take care of. Also, having been burned last season, I need to actively explore other options for my career development.

However, I’m not trying to make excuses. Ultimately, success will come from my ability to make best use of the resources available to me, filling any free time with MBA related activities, and giving it 100% when I am focused on it. On that note, today I’m reaching out to the remaining contacts (current students, alums, professors etc.) who don’t know I’m (re-)applying to ask for their help.

Just one day left in June – got to make it count!


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