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Following this post, I’ve spent a lot of time in meetings reading Twitter feeds from the schools on my shortlist, seeing what gets me excited and what turns me off. It is a great resource for getting to know the professors, alums and teaching styles at different schools.

The main things I love reading about are what former students have set up by themselves, unrestrained by the shackles of corporate life. And, believe me, I was happy earning my wages as a corporate guy until recently, when I realised there is just no satisfactory end goal in banking that is worth the money.

When I was tackling the classic Stanford ‘what matters most to you, and why?’ essay last season, I started by just typing whatever came into my head, without thinking about what the adcom wanted to hear. Last week I started the same process (this time in preparation for MIT Sloan, the first school I will tackle in R1) and asked myself why I wanted an MBA. It went like this:

“Honestly, my reason for doing an MBA is undeniably to surround myself with a bunch of cool, driven, hungry individuals, ask a lot of dumb questions and learn a ridiculous amount about finance, economics, leadership and all that stuff I should have paid more attention to when I was scraping through my Bachelors degree. And to start something – anything! – with some like-minded students, having re-energised my brain and being backed by ten of thousands of alums globally who can help me with funding, marketing, connections in far flung places etc.”

So, I have a vision to work with!

One thing I read quite a bit about from MIT Sloan is the concept of an ‘entrepreneur in a corporate setting’. I’ve never been afraid to immerse myself in detail and use that deep knowledge to find alternative ways of doing things, so I’d like to think I was a kind of ‘rough diamond corporate entrepreneur’.

Bill Aulet, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan, also argues that entrepreneurship can be taught. I have mixed feelings here, but I’m certain that bringing myself together with a colossal range of different people in the b school environment would unlock the immense talent and entrepreneurial drive which has slowly been eaten away by corporate life.

This immersion in the b school environment also helps describe why I don’t want to do a part time MBA. Grantmeadmission wrote a fantastic post about this recently. I really can’t say it better than that!

Anyway, I have finally managed to take some time off work tomorrow to focus on my profile and start digging a bit deeper into my story. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Come together

  1. Love this post! I really believe the more time you spend on introspection, the easier it will be to write your essays, answer interview questions and complete the application process.

    One word of advice: Don’t focus SOLEY on the “why” but also on the “how.” I know that was a major weakness of mine last year. I really articulated “point A” and “point B”… but I think I could have done a better job at creating the “A to B” line….

    hmmmmmm sounds like a good blog post idea! haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks GrantMeAdmission.

      Solid advice, and therein lies the reason for the umpteenth revision of my essays!

      I don’t think the essays are ever really over, each day brings a new realisation about myself and an angle I should work in there somewhere, somehow.

      Keep at it my friend. We got some miles to cover in the next 2-3 months!


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