Think for yourself

Think for yourself – INSEAD

  • September (10 months) and January (10 months plus summer) intakes
  • Suggested to start in Singapore (2 of 5 semesters) and then move to Fontainebleau (3 of 5 semesters) to avoid European winter!
  • Short programme, but can use the time to broaden yourself out, learn more general management skills and reevaluate your options
  • International experience is key
  • Strong entrepreneurship focus – many courses on new business ventures, raising funds etc.
  • Most popular electives are entrepreneurship – 25% of electives in this field
  • Multi-geographical setup means it is not always easy to arrange meetings – staff travel to other campuses a lot
  • Alliances with (inter alia) Wharton and Kellogg
  • 10,500 executive participants pass through campus each year
  • Upon graduation, approx. 85% of student change career in some way (section, function and/or geography)

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