Think for yourself

Think for yourself – MIT Sloan part 2

Specific feedback from Admissions Office and a recent MIT Sloan on the Road event I attended:

  • Looking for students who “identify and solve the world’s problems”
  • If you are interested in entrepreneurship, want to spend a lot of time in the Martin Trust Center
  • What we want to see in your application in one word: IMPACT (e.g. how you made it, where you made it, when you made it)
  • New second essay is nothing to worry about (usually change something each year) – aligned with professional world i.e. 360º feedback
  • Last season approx. one-third to one-half of applicants answered (optional) third essay
  • Interview process will be the same as in 2013/14
  • Surprisingly, not that many applicants from the UK [following my prompt about being in a large competition pool]
  • Keep in touch with us before and after you submit your application → very big on this!
  • Specific advice for re-applicants:
    • be upfront about it, tell us how you have grown/changed since last time
    • pay close attention to ‘What We Look For
    • be sure to give specific and detailed examples
    • should be consistent with last time, but think around new answers and try to give a little more information
    • be sure to do the optional (third) essay – can write an essay, post a video, make a slideshow
  • We encourage re-applicants (stressed by Admissions and at the event)

7 thoughts on “Think for yourself – MIT Sloan part 2

    • No problem.

      You will also note that MIT Sloan argues against using the software (despite the fact that their Admissions Director told me they like to hear from applicants).

      It’s a confusing process and I don’t want to make anyone’s life more complicated. I fully intend to follow up with the Admissions Office once I have submitted my applications, so I can just focus on my essays for now.


  1. Take a look at this:

    It was sent to me by a current student at Wharton. I’m still a bit sceptical but it seems that some schools expect you to be in touch with them as part of your “demonstrated interest”.

    Don’t freak out about it – but a few sensible and well-thought-out enquiries might be wise to some of these b schools.

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