Think for yourself

Think for yourself – Stanford

  • Innovation and risk-taking
  • More similar to MIT Sloan [from my shortlist]
    • technical/scientific
    • more entrepreneurial
  • Collaborative instead of competitive
  • Focus on leadership and experiential learning
    • students like to share feedback
  • Small class and squad (5-6 people) size
  • Grade non-disclosure policy
  • Maybe more targeted at older candidates?
  • Class of 2015: 7,108 applicants, 406 matriculating = 5.7% success rate! More stats here.

5 thoughts on “Think for yourself – Stanford

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  2. Likewise!

    If nothing else, the process has been an eye-opener in revealing – through honest introspection – what I wanted to do with the rest of my life!

    I think Stanford in particular has to take a lot of credit for that.


  3. Thanks. It’s a bit weaker than my notes from other b schools, mainly because I decided to apply later so did less research.

    Stanford was my final (slightly rushed) application last season and I never felt I gave it 100%. The admission odds are ridiculous but I’m going to attack it with my full strength this time!

    I don’t want to be left wondering “what if I tried that little bit harder?”


    • That’s a feeling I can’t live with either. I am being ever so meticulous about my applications this season ,after I sent in a disaster of an application last admission cycle, to Kellogg. So disappointed with that.

      All the best with your efforts! I am sure they will prove to be fruitful! 🙂

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