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I don’t want to spoil the party

Not much blogging activity from me these past ten days, but trust me I’ve been rocking my application research in the meantime!

Since my last post, I’ve worked on the following:

School 1 – met marketing director for Exec MBA (they reached out to me!); spoke with senior member of alumni fund (relative of a friend – good to have contacts!); met one recent alum; arranged to meet another alum next week.

School 2 – met three alums from Class of 2014 (already knew them – benefit of being a re-applicant!); sent last year’s application to three alums (not necessarily the same ones I met) for critical feedback.

School 3 – sent last year’s application to two alums (already knew them from last time) for critical feedback.

School 4 – attended a webinar hosted by an admissions consultant; reached out to an alum and current student (already knew both of them from last time) for advice and asked them to review last year’s application.

In general – shored up my two recommenders; told my boss about my plans (also an MBA alum so a key person!); discussed and clarified my goals with two consultants (both now retained); did an interview with; worked on my ‘greatest hits’ and ‘how I have improved since last time’ responses.

And, most importantly, I got my wife on board with my re-application plan.


Still, there’s no time to rest. According to my original game plan I’m already a month behind, but I figured spending time on critical feedback and getting my goals and stories in shape (which are essentially the backbone of my applications) would pay dividends when it comes to writing my essays.

And it seems like I’m not the only one left wondering where July went. MBA on my mind, Pulling That MBA Trigger and texaswannabecali have all blogged with the same thought. In fact, I don’t know anybody who’s claimed the MBA application process was a doddle – we’re in good company!

Finally, I’d like to share some love with Grant Me Admission! for his excellent post which will help any of you struggling with their GMAT plan of attack and school research.

Back to my magically expanding to do list – at least updating my blog is checked off (for now)!


6 thoughts on “I don’t want to spoil the party

  1. I will say one thing: having a blog promotes action. If you don’t do anything… you are kind of “letting down” your readers… so keep on trucking…. I definitely am watching you for inspiration and as a role model!

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