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Think for yourself – INSEAD part 2

Some specific feedback from a senior (and very active fundraising) alumnus and a 2009 graduate (who has also interviewed a dozen or so candidates when invited to interview):

  • Given desire to switch career and geography, will get a lot more out of full time MBA (rather than Exec MBA)
  • INSEAD is a lot more broad-minded [than other European schools], rewards diversity (own mentality and nature of people worked with) and people who have worked up the ladder
  • Alumni are passionate about helping the school and people interested to come to INSEAD
  • INSEAD is an innovative and entrepreneurial place
    • stimulating environment with many start-ups
    • several older classmates (mid 30s) who went on to work for eBay
  • Good to show focus in your application (i.e. specific goals) but also be careful to show you are open-minded, i.e. expect you may change your mind once you get on campus
  • Be honest about any shortcomings – tell how you have since “pulled your socks up”
  • Most important questions for an older applicant:
    • Why now? Why not earlier?
    • Why not the Exec MBA programme?
    • How will you interact with others [given family commitments]? Will you be able to integrate into the social culture of INSEAD?
  • Will typically rank c. 60% of candidates as ‘recommend admit’ (rest split 50/50 between ‘possible admit’ and ‘no admit’)

9 thoughts on “Think for yourself – INSEAD part 2

    • Hi jennylee774. What this means is that c. 60% of applicants being interviewed will be deemed as acceptable students based on the interview – it’s up to the school to then decide who to admit, waitlist or ding.

      I wasn’t surprised that the number was quite high- I guess alums are keen to recommend people – but the interview is only one step in the process.

      Bear in mind this is also anecdotal evidence based on some alumni interviewers I spoke to…


      • Well, thank you for your reply. Actually I am currently waitlisted from INSEAD. This whole one month has been absolutely nerve-racking. Even I am still hanging on to uncertainty, I am planning to spend a week of holidays to visit a campus and enjoy Paris!

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      • Best of luck jennylee774! I know the waitlist feeling all too well. Keep in touch with alums and current students who might be able to give you some advice for how to tackle the waitlist. And, enjoy Paris!


  1. That’s sound advice. I am in the category of older candidate myself ” I don’t know, looking at the applicants for B-school, all these 22-25 years, i feel I can classify myself as older candidate at 29 ;). You have actually answered the question to why not exec mba in your first few lines :). Thanks for the insights. Is there a part 3 coming up 🙂


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