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Revolution 1

A long time has passed with radio silence on my side (I’m picking up a bit of a theme among applicant bloggers at the moment!). Like most of you, I’m deep into my applications and – I’m sorry to say – even a few minutes typing a post had been demoted while I worked on getting my first essays drafted.

Fortunately, my application strategy is taking shape. Here’s how it looks:


It’s definitely not perfect – and arguably I could’ve put that hour dabbling in Excel to better use – but it’s designed to make the initial writing phase tough so I can spend more time polishing up the later drafts. I’ve also dived into the essays without planning to write specifically about the school itself.

So, for example, despite Wharton’s Essay 1 prompt ‘What do you hope to gain both personally and professionally from the Wharton MBA?’, I’ve left out any reference to Wharton for the time being and focused on the personal and professional gains, and why I need an MBA.

Obviously the Wharton angle will have to be introduced in the next edit, but it helped to simplify the first draft and encouraged me to start writing rather than doing my research and trying to nail a ‘perfect’ first draft.

Hopefully, you have figured out your own system that works for you. I’m definitely a proponent of starting to write earlier than you think you need to – those weeks and months to submission are flying by! In case you need any further influence to get started there are some pretty good resources from b schools and consultants for free out there (more on this in my next post).

Verba volant, scripta manent (up to 20 posts now!)


6 thoughts on “Revolution 1

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  5. “I could have put that hour spent dabbling in excel to better use” HA… Totally know what you mean… I have spent many a hour engaged in “productive procrastination” … BUT an hour in planning will save you 10 in execution!

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