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With a little help from my friends

My interview with is finally live!

Another busy week for me, juggling work and home commitments and still trying to find time for MBA applications. Just like the rest of you I know!

I’m really starting to feel positive about my applications for MIT Sloan, Wharton and INSEAD. I have drafts for pretty much every bit of each application, some have been drafted several times with my consultant and are now starting to sparkle!

I’ve also recently started worrying about moving words on my resume – whether deleting a comma here will change the whole sentence and lose its impact. Yep, there’s definitely a familiar feeling to it all!

If you’re in the same position, this is the time to pull in favours from friends (and friends of friends) who have b school experience, and to reach out to existing students through the admissions office, student clubs etc. Try to find someone who has something in common with you and can help review your work and keep your sense of perspective.

I’m so grateful for my friends (and supportive wife) (and dog!) during this process. I hope I’m doing their valuable feedback justice, as well as helping you in some way to keep rocking.

And, in case you missed the subtle link above, my interview also just went live. Go check it out and learn a bit more about me, your prospective classmate 🙂

Dig deep folks – Round 1 is coming round the corner!



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