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I’ll follow the sun

Hello and I’m sorry for being so quiet these past few weeks.

First of all, I’ve submitted my three applications in Round 1 for INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Wharton.

As usual, it was a mad dash to the finish line, tweaking essays and getting feedback, chasing recommenders and myriad other tiny things that have made the last month or so almost unbearable. Even the few minutes it takes to type a blog post could not be spared 😦

And, if you’re reading this, the chances are you know what I’m talking about! Keep your head high and your heart strong – you will get there in the end!

Secondly, I had to get my desk in the office cleared in advance of my “summer” holiday. I’m now ensconced in a lovely island near the Med. The pain was worth it, but barely! Still, the sun is warming my back and it feels a lot better without the weight of applications weighing it down (for now at least!).

And, to top it all, my phone isn’t working after the recent iPhone upgrade so I’m not able to access my blog admin and write some eloquent posts.

So, please accept this one dashed off from my other phone for now. I’ll be back in touch real soon folks with some useful information and tips!

This dog got to rest a while in the meantime… 🙂



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