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I’m happy just to dance with you

Quick update from me…

I had my first INSEAD alumni interview earlier this week with the second (and final!) one scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve been doing a lot of prep for the interviews this time around – not because I suck at interviews, but so my answers are precise and concise (I have a tendency to go off-message and ramble if I’m not sure of the answer – see more of my shortcomings here).

Alumni interviews are a bit different too. INSEAD is known for its friendly and passionate alums, but don’t be fooled: you’re still there to impress, come across as a great fit, a nice guy (or gal) and they still have to fill in that feedback form. So, why not make their job easier for them!?

I don’t have any great insight – the questions from my first interview were not difficult and are widely reported on sites like Accepted and GMAT Club – but I do recommend preparing with mock interviews to help get your thoughts in order (a consultant OK, but try your friends and business associates too).

The other thing is to SMILE and be ENTHUSIASTIC. Last season I was so focused on my answers I was way too serious and gave quite a flat performance. Who would you rather have in your class – someone happy and enthusiastic or a sourpuss!?

Also, Wharton sends out its interview invites today. For those of you who’ve been following my strategy, Wharton is my top choice so this is a big deal! It is also four months to the day that I hoped to quit my job and enroll in the Class of 2016 – I’m not sure how I will handle the disappointment a second time around. Hopefully it will not come to that!

Anyway, to my fellow (re-)applicants, just keep breathing and have faith in your amazing abilities. You’ll be hearing from me again real soon! 🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m happy just to dance with you

    • Well, I’m in for INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Wharton. Contrary to my earlier post, I will be happy with any one of those schools (for quite different reasons), but Wharton is definitely number one!

      Let’s hope for some good news later today! 🙂


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