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What goes on – INSEAD interview report 1

Given the recent news this is way overdue, but see below my first interview report for INSEAD.

I met with a senior politician alum who, understandably, had a busy schedule. The interview was quick – 30-35 minutes max. – and he hit me with a lot of questions in rapid succession.

There was nothing unexpected or any questions that I had not practiced from the many free resources out there. My favourites were Clear Admit and the threads at GMAT Club. You can also see more specific questions that were commonly asked in my second interview report here.

I was also able to get my interviewer to talk about himself for at least one-third of the interview; this is a good tactic for alum interviews given everyone likes talking about themselves, right!?

My responses felt calm and well-timed and injected with passion and references to INSEAD, resources, alums etc. After so much prep, they felt a bit rehearsed to my ears, but then I had so little time to say what I needed to it was so helpful to have practised giving precise and concise answers with my consultant, friends and other alums.

My interviewer ended the interview by springing up from his chair and saying thanks for coming (I think he saw the time somewhere). He wished me the best of luck and asked me to keep him informed how it went. We even managed to trade one last story on the walk to the door – every second counts!

On reflection, I wasn’t absolutely sure how to read the interviewer’s reactions. He seemed to question everything I said but I felt confident I had got my key messages across and …most importantly …was normal, likeable and energetic.


6 thoughts on “What goes on – INSEAD interview report 1

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  3. Hey, that’s great. Congratulations on your success. I would like you to share the free resources that you are talking about. Might help others. And what type of questions did he ask? Were they too specific?

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