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What goes on – INSEAD interview report 2

Please also check out my first interview report.

My second interviewer was around my age. We met on a Saturday and it was very relaxed (he came in jeans and a sweat top, compared to my suit and tie!) and instantly put me at ease.

We had a friendly discussion with – of course – my well thought out responses interspersed with a lot of questions about the school and his experiences there.

We weaved about a bit with the questions as it was a more natural conversation than my first interview. When I sat down my interviewer told me he was in training for [a major local sporting event] so we started off talking about sports.

We soon steered back on to more familiar ground:

  • What are my short- and long-term goals?
  • Why am I applying now (noted that I will be in the older category)?
  • Which campus was I planning to study on?
  • How do my family feel about it?
  • What’s the alternative plan if I don’t get in?

There was no problem to get my greatest hits into the discussion. My interviewer also commented on my drive, creative mindset (didn’t think I was a finance guy) and that I was a good fit for the school culture. He pretty much told me that he would give me a strong endorsement for admission.

All in all, the interview was very relaxed and there were no “Tell me about a time…” type questions. He seemed to genuinely want to see if I was the sort of guy who would fit the INSEAD culture.

We joked a bit about the type of people applying to other business schools, and he seemed pleased I was not applying anywhere else (in Europe at least – I did not reveal the U.S. applications and he didn’t press it!).


3 thoughts on “What goes on – INSEAD interview report 2

    • When the time comes I definitely recommend mock interviews with alums, friends and family, even in front of the mirror.

      This is not for you to learn a script, but to get used to answering clearly and concisely under pressure. It helped me a lot…

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