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What goes on – MIT Sloan interview report

Not for the first time, I met with an Admissions Director in Europe.

We actually had a great conversation.  I had met my interviewer during Sloan‘s ‘On The Road’ event in my home city earlier this year, so we were already quite relaxed in each others presence.

This was a seasoned interviewer and, all in all, a tough person to read. I felt we had a good bond and I could answer all their questions confidently and enthusiastically, so left feeling I had done well.

Specific questions asked (maybe not in this exact order):

  • What has changed since your last application? [or since you submitted your application – always be prepared for this one!]
  • Tell me a bit more about [local charity I’m involved with and included on my resume] and what they do.
  • Give me a specific example of your leadership progression while [in my current role].
  • What’s your long-term goal after coming to Sloan?
  • Have you considered which track you’d like to pursue?
  • You will be in the upper age range. Have you considered how you’ll handle this?
  • Anything else you’d like me to know about you? [good opportunity to jump right into a ‘greatest hit’ that has not been covered up to now]
  • Any questions for me?
  • Any final comments?

In general, Sloan gives you a lot of opportunities to mention things important or relevant to your application – be ready to grab those! – but I also think my experience as an older-than-average candidate might be different to the norm.

Sloan is also renowned for behavioural questions which means you may need to go deep into a particular story – way deeper than you might have planned. Have a few good stories to mind and rehearsed in your head before the big day or, better still, practice telling those stories with a friend who can dig into them and really press you for what you felt, how you reacted, why you did that etc.

I really felt my mock interviews with my consultant, alum friends and the bathroom mirror (I kid you not!) helped to prepare me to give concise and passionate answers.

So, that’s my interview reports all posted! I hope it helps you, best of luck with your interview prep and feel free to ask questions either in the comments below or by email.


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