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Fixing a hole …Admissionado review

The following consultant review is similar to my existing review on GMAT Club. I’ve also reviewed MBA Over 30 here.

I first learned about Admissionado as their founder, Jon Frank, hosted a free webinar about ‘Dealing with a Ding’. I was one of the lucky few chosen to be critiqued in the webinar and, while not a pleasant experience, I really appreciated the straight talking, no nonsense approach employed by Jon.

This isn’t a service for those of you wanting someone to praise you constantly and tell you what a good job you’re doing – this is tough love! My consultant was a former Admissions Fellow at my top choice b school. We had a great free Skype session which overran the allotted time, but I just had a lot of questions and she wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t rush me.

After the call, I tried to imagine finding time to not only figure out my strategy, but also to write my resume, essays, manage my recommenders, all while having to check my own work and try to find friends who would help me out and review it. I decided I wanted a paid consultant, someone I could jump straight in and start discussing my stories with, someone who was always available and would push me to do more and better.

The Junior Deluxe package was great for this; it wasn’t cheap but in line with other leading consulting firms. Best of all, I could bolt on additional services like Skype calls and urgent reviews of my essays (sadly, I did have to resort to this once or twice!), all in a very transparent way.

If I had any negative comments to make, I’d say that it took several days to get comments back on essays. This is because not only my consultant was reviewing them, but also an editor who added a lot of comments on how to improve the writing style, what else I could talk about, how to build the story more effectively etc. It was only a problem because I was busy for weeks at a time (with non-MBA stuff) and when I was free I liked to focus in on my essays for days at a time.

If you’re like me, then just make sure you spread the essays out – one school on Monday, another on Tuesday etc. – once I figured this out it was easy to adjust my schedule. Like I said, this is really not a major issue but I struggle to think of anything bad to say about Admissionado.

And, as my Christmas post summarised, I’m now in the privileged position of having to choose between two admits from INSEAD and MIT Sloan, and whether to pursue the waitlist at Wharton.

I hope this review is helpful to you if you’re considering using Admissionado – feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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