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Fixing a hole …MBA Over 30 review

I engaged the services of prolific MBA blogger ‘MBA Over 30’ – aka Mr. Lawrence Cole – to help me with my applications to two b schools (MIT Sloan and Wharton).

One of the reasons was because I enjoyed his blog a lot in between getting dinged (x5!) last season and my decision to re-apply this time around. Lawrence also got offers from these two schools as an older candidate so knew all about my situation.

As I’ve written about here, I also used a dedicated admissions consultant from Admissionado – a much more expensive proposition!

With that background in mind, I’ve been using Lawrence to test some ideas and get a second opinion on my application strategy, essays, interview tactics. He’s also been very resourceful when it comes to deciding which school to go to and, more recently, my waitlist strategy for Wharton!

Lawrence is always prompt, and he sent me some useful material to help gather my thoughts, greatest hits in my career etc. to use in my essays. He set me a lot of challenging goals and chased me to get started on things. In general he reviewed and turned around comments on essays within 1-2 days so I could get on to the next draft quickly.

He was also OK if I pushed him for quicker feedback. This is in contrast to my professional consultant, where my check book had to come out a few times to get faster feedback!

On the critical side, I initially found his answers to be quite short and to the point. I didn’t mind given the expert help I was getting from my other consultant, but if you’re the sort that wants to be guided by the hand through this whole process then you might want to consider an alternative service.

Nonetheless, Lawrence has direct, on-the-ground experience as a full-time MBA and has helped a lot of people like me (and you) get interview invites and admits from top b schools in Europe and the US.

Ultimately, this is an issue about money and what you’re prepared to spend. You will get a lot more experience from a professional admissions consultant, but a lot of that knowledge you can find for yourself from free resources and doing your homework (and, dare I say, using your common sense).

If you have the money – and, after all, we’re talking about 1-2% of what you’re prepared to spend on an MBA – then why not do what I did and use both resources!?

Having said that, if you’re savvy, full of energy and have time and the drive to navigate the process yourself without your hand being held, Lawrence is a great guy with many successes behind him. I heartily endorse his services and getting a Free MBA Profile Review.

I hope this review is helpful to you if you’re considering using MBA Over 30 – feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


8 thoughts on “Fixing a hole …MBA Over 30 review

  1. USul says:

    Hi Topdog,
    I read your blog and as always it was most informative. I would like to get some more feedback on Lawrence Cole Consultancy.

    I am planning to buy his services, but I wanted to get your feedback whether he was consistent throughout the application process? Whether his mock interviews were useful? And on average how much time did he give you per school?

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    • Hi Usul. Thanks for checking in and great that you’re enjoying the blog.

      I have responded to your request through your gmail account. Please send any similar requests to meet at so your privacy is assured.

      All best,


  2. ZoSo says:

    Hey there TopDog, Reading through your blog: your posts are an absolute gem! Thanks very much for sharing your insights. I was hoping if I could ask you a few questions on your experience with Admissionado. So, if you can drop me a line on kaushikvin at gmail, it would be great.

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