Consultant reviews

Fixing a hole

The following posts are personal reviews of Admissionado, a professional consulting firm, and MBA Over 30, a current Wharton student and prolific blogger of his own application journey. Both these consultants helped me strategise, develop ideas, edit my essays and generally gave advice to make my applications to (and subsequent interviews with) INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Wharton as strong as possible.

As you know, I’m a re-applicant so I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who’s been through the pain once before and didn’t want to make the same mistakes the second time around. But, in general, I believe my experiences would be similar for a fresh applicant too.

I did use a consultant during last season’s attempt to get admitted to Columbia, HBS, MIT Sloan, Stanford and Wharton. This was more on an ad-hoc basis with a ‘friend of a friend’ who recently set up their own consulting firm. In short, it helped me get my stories in order and used to writing in adcom-friendly style, but wasn’t enough to get me over that finish line (despite interviews with MIT Sloan and Wharton).

With those dings fresh in my mind, I spent a lot of time thinking about my next steps, which led to me writing this blog to help get my thoughts in order, to realise where I went wrong the first time around, and formulate an effective (re-)application strategy. I’m no expert and, with a busy professional career and growing family, I knew I also needed some extra help to keep me on track.

I’m not condoning using a consultant or saying it’s necessary to use one to formulate a strong application package. Nonetheless, it worked well for me to have someone on my side through this crazy process, pushing me to greater heights and keeping me motivated when times got tough.

I hope the reviews are helpful to you if you’re considering doing the same…


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